What do I need to know about addiction?

Addiction involves craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences. Addiction changes the brain, first by subverting the way it registers pleasure and then by corrupting other normal drives such as learning and motivation. Although breaking an addiction is tough, it can be done.

What causes addiction?

The word “addiction” is derived from a Latin term for “enslaved by” or “bound to.” Anyone who has struggled to overcome an addiction—or has tried to help someone else to do so—understands why.

Addiction exerts a long and powerful influence on the brain that manifests in three distinct ways: 

  • craving for the object of addiction, 
  • loss of control over its use, 
  • continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences.

Nobody starts out intending to develop an addiction, but many people get caught in its snare. Consider the latest government statistics:

  • Almost one in 10 Kenyans—are addicted to alcohol or other drugs.
  • More than two-thirds of people with addiction abuse alcohol.
  • The top three drugs causing addiction are marijuana, opioid (narcotic) pain relievers, and cocaine.

Recovery is possible

It is not enough to “just say no”—as the 1980s slogan suggested. Instead, you can protect (and heal) yourself from addiction by saying “yes” to other things. Cultivate diverse interests that provide meaning to your life. Understand that your problems usually are transient, and perhaps most importantly, acknowledge that life is not always supposed to be pleasurable but you can tackle it.

Seek professional aid.

Recovery is possible but requires proper and professional guidance to achieve. Worry not for help is here. Serene Rehabilitation Centre, a rehabilitation organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, provides confidential support to anyone in need of help with a Substance Use Disorder issues.

If you have questions or need to speak with someone for support, call or text 0746460202 today. Our staff of trained therapists at Serene Rehabilitation Centre will kickstart and ensure your speedy recovery.

A Safe Haven for You.


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