Addiction Support Program


A process where standardized screening questionnaires are administered to ascertain or rule out existence of a mental health problem. Screening guides the course of treatment i.e. whether to commence counseling or refer to other agencies.

Screening Procedure

Clients seeking services from SERENE HOSPITAL shall be taken through screening and assessment to evaluate their suitability for our program. The screening will be done during the initial contact with our treatment facility and will be facilitated by the counselor on duty.
The servicer user intake form will be administered to evaluate the client’s suitability for the program, the counselor shall also make use of the WHO standardized SCREENING tools and give the appropriate feedback. Clients will also undertake a medical and psychiatric screening by the resident doctor within the first eight hours.

Procedures for Admission

Admission to the program shall be carried out by the counsellor on duty with support of the medical officer on duty after successful screening as stipulated in either ASAM Placement criteria. Clients shall be given a walkthrough of the program and the expectations, their rights and responsibilities, the rules governing client activities and the program duration.
Clients shall be admitted to the respective programs upon meeting our admission criteria. The counselor on duty will administer the following forms

  • The admission form,
  • Client rights and privileges form,
  • Consent to treatment form,
  • Significant others commitment to treatment form,
  • Liability/indemnity form.
  • And others

Information provided by the family via the collateral form shall be used as part of the comprehensive assessment with the full knowledge of the client where possible.


This is a process of testing where the client is asked a set of questions to arrive at a diagnosis that guides the treatment process. This is carried out by a team of professionals who involve the client through the process so that its client is centered.
Client undertakes the assessment within 72hours on admission.

Treatment Plan

This is developed with the patient to establish goals based on the patients identified needs and sets interventions to meet those goals. This care treatment plan is a written description of the treatment to be provided and its anticipated course. The plan is then monitored and revised periodically as required to respond to the patient’s changing situation.

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