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Comprehensive & Exclusive Services


Individualized counselling at our institution looks to take the patient through a one on one interaction with a trained mental health counselor in a safe...

Family Therapy

As an institution we understand the issue surrounding addiction has a substantial impact on the family. At SERENE HOSPITAL we...

Group Therapy

At SERENE group therapy involves peer discussions in the presence of one or more therapists, this forum seeks to give patients a safe...

Addiction Support Program

A process where standardized screening questionnaires are administered to ascertain or rule out existence of a mental health problem.

Inpatient Care

Serene Hospital is the foremost resource of consultation and other mental well-being services. It follows a Bio-Psycho-Socio Approach to Treatment

Psychiatric Consultation

All clients undergo psychiatric evaluation to establish a deeper understanding by both the physician and the patient as to what the patient’s...

Relapse Prevention

A relapse occurs after a period of abstinence from one abused substance again. By understanding how relapse occurs, we have carefully...

Aftercare and Continuing Care Programs

The program's intent is to ensure there is a smooth and stable transition between levels of care( in-patient

recreational programs

Our clients are exposed to different recreational activities. These activities are advantageous in encouraging a greater..

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an expressive form of therapy, there are different mediums such as art, dance, and poetry. The goal of the therapy is...

Twelve Step & Support Groups

This is a 12 step program first developed and used by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)carefully crafted plan with the intent to help people overcome...

life skills

These are profitable and adaptive behaviours that enable our patients to overcome the unpredictable challenges of life.


Toxicology is the screening and analysis of potential toxins, intoxicating or banned substances that accumulate over a prolonged abuse...

Out-Patient Care

Serene Hospital is the foremost resource of consultation and other mental well-being services. It follows a Bio-Psycho-Socio Approach


Serene Hospital offers detoxification services for individuals with substance use disorders to prevent severe withdrawal

Nursing Care

Our team of qualified and dedicated nurses as well as nurse assistants provide a safe environment of personalized care to ensure the patients


Serene Hospital offers a well-stocked pharmacy.It consists of a variety of high-quality products sourced from reputable and authentic

Other Psychological Services

The team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Individual, group and family therapies, psychological evaluation

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