The best way to  find out if you are an alcoholic or an addict is to reach out to a professional about your symptoms.

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can be difficult to spot. Not every addict looks or behaves in a stereotypical way. Some addicts are so good at concealing their addiction that they suddenly hit rock bottom without warning. Identifying the signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug addiction in yourself or a loved one can be lifesaving. 

However, some physical and behavioural signs of substance abuse/addiction include,: 

– Feeling weird whenever the substance starts to wear off

– Feeling depressed and anxious

– Suffering from constant nosebleeds

– Significant weight loss or Significant weight gain

– Developing a tolerance for the substance

– Unable to stop using despite multiple attempts

– Unable to stop despite medical problems

– Spending a lot of time thinking about the substance

– Using more than intended amounts

– Loss of interest in activities or hobbies

– Failing to meet responsibilities

– Being told by friends and family that you need help for your drug or alcohol addiction

– Stealing and/or borrowing money to obtain drugs or alcohol

 – Using in secret

– Spending time with people that use

– Keeping a stash of the substance

– Using drugs or alcohol to cope with problems

– Continued use despite relationship problems

– Unable to abstain from using despite legal problems

If your answer is YES to many of these drug abuse/addiction signs then you may be addicted. Finding help is very important.


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