Although mental health affects all genders, it is oftentimes overlooked in men, considered a weakness if they are struggling with it, or not taken as seriously, Because of this, many men may find it difficult to speak up about their mental illness or be more reluctant to seek treatment to help them manage their symptoms.


Most causes of negative mental health among our men are as a result of common regular life activities. These include:

  • Significant change in living arrangements (e.g. separation or divorce)

Often, men tend to see themselves as being providers and the one to keep the family happy. Depression is more prevalent and more severe among divorced men.

  • Employment problems or work loss.

Unemployment and retirement are associated with an increased risk of depression in men. One in 7 men who lose their jobs become depressed.

  • Trauma: 

This could include extreme emotional events such as being sexually abused, experiencing combat, or being in high stress situations regularly.

  • Financial issues:

 Economic factors are a top cause of stress for many people and could play a role in the development of certain mental health disorders.

  • Physical health problems

Physical injuries that may lead to difficulty in day to day activities and assistance from other people could affect their mental state as they feel less masculine.

  • Drug and alcohol use.

Men may be more likely to use drugs or alcohol as a means of coping with mental health issues, though such ‘self-medication’ can make things worse in the long run

  • Childhood abuse/family issues: 

Any detrimental issue that occurs in childhood can lead to an increased risk of mental health disorders in adulthood.


Most men find it hard to seek help and are more likely to turn to dangerous or unhealthy behaviors (such as substance abuse) than women. This is due to the stigma that surrounds mental health among men. This could be quite harmful and self destructive as well bring out suicidal tendencies

They cannot be faulted as society depicts that a man should be strong and anything less is a sign of weakness or the person is not masculine. It perpetuates the notion that talking about it won’t help anyway, yet ignoring mental health disorders will not make them go away.

To eradicate this notion, more research and funding should go into men’s mental health awareness. This will help educate masses as well as the men themselves and contribute to ending the stigma surrounding our men’s mental health. .

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Denis Mugambi

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