Addiction is a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance. It is accepted as a mental illness in the diagnostic nomenclature and results in substantial health, social and economic problems. In the diagnostic nomenclature, addiction was originally included in the personality disorders along with other behaviors considered deviant. But it is now considered a clinical syndrome.

Addictions are disorders related to use of substances. Substances in this context include intoxicants, such as alcohol or heroin, or milder stimulants, such as caffeine or nicotine. Addictions include dependence and other drug use disorders listed under psychiatric disorders.

Most victims of addiction are often unaware or reluctant to accept that they have the problem.

Gauging your intake and the effect you have when not in use, helps determine if you have a problem or not.

Serene Rehabilitation Centre has devised a 4 step criteria to determine where your usage, especially on legal substances ( alcohol, nicotine and khat/ Miraa lies.

Serene`s 4 step criteria to determine where on the spectrum your usage lies:

  • Regular use 

This stage is characterized by use on a regular basis. The person may continue to use it with friends or acquaintances or may use the substance while alone. Regular use does not have to be every day, but is sometimes continued use in a predictable pattern (every weekend) or in predictable circumstances (when lonely, bored, or stressed).

  • Problematic or risky use 

During this stage, the user begins to suffer legal, emotional, physical, or social problems. Adults may drink and drive or have problems at work or in their relationships. Teenagers may have bad grades, behavioral problems, a significant change in friends, motor vehicle crashes, or speeding tickets.

  • Dependence 

Someone who is dependent on drugs and/or alcohol will continue to use these substances regularly despite the harm their use is causing, including bodily changes causing altered reactions to the substance.

  • Addiction 

At this stage, substance use is compulsive and out of control. Addiction is a medical condition involving psychological and physical changes from repeated heavy use of alcohol, other drugs or both.

If you have or are experiencing the following stages, worry not because Serene Rehabilitation Centre is here to provide you with a safe haven of guidance and restore you to a much healthier, productive and better you.

Visit Serene Rehabilitation Centre today in Karen, Nairobi Kenya.

Denis Mugambi

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