1. Individualized Programs.
    Serene Rehab Center offers personalized addiction treatment suited to each of our client’s who step through our doors.

  2. One-On-One Sessions With A Therapist.
    Serene Rehab Centre offers individual treatment sessions with a therapist that helps a client look at his or her personal issues and get down to the causes of the addiction and work towards healing.
  3. A Program That Allows Enough Time For Recovery
    At Serene Rehab Centre, we offer a great inpatient program that is designed to cater to the unique comfort and needs of our clients.

  4. Aftercare Is Provided.
    Serene Rehab Centre offers aftercare and continuing care programs that ensure there is a smooth and stable transition between levels of care( in-patient to out-patient) and even after. Frequent communication and check ups are made to our patients.

  5. You Feel Comfortable With The Center’s Approach To Treatment
    Each rehab center has its own approach to treatment. Before you choose one for your drug or alcohol treatment, make sure that its approach is one that you feel comfortable with. At Serene Rehab Centre, we use a holistic approach that completely addresses our clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Denis Mugambi

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